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Thank you so much

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Art done for me, whether it be gifts, trades, or commissions, I love them and I'm super grateful for all of them :iconyuihugplz:


Latest on Medli's Obsessions

I seem to have been sucked into a cartoon phase...oops.
Especially Gravity Falls...never expected it to be so cute! ...and wierd...both really X'D After finishing's now my favorite show (next to Avatar the Last Airbender of course!) Enjoy the crazy amount of gifs!!


I've also watched and loved: Steven Universe~

Update on this: PERIDOT!!!!! PERIDOT!!!!!!!!!

Also Lapis has been amazing!! This show keeps getting better ;w;

Homestuck?? After many years, I finally tried it out and fell for it and it's characters ;w;

(source:… ) latest anime...ack I still haven't finished My Love Story!! and it's sad ;w; I need to finish...lots of shows...this is a new favorite though:

My friend kept pestering me to watch this, and I can see why! It's really interesting and an awesome super hero anime! I wish I coul find gifs that better translate the story but it's still a fairly new series so this will have to do for now ;w;

Now the new Voltron reboot was absolutely amazing!! It's pretty short, but I hope lots of people give it a try so it's more likely we get another season ;7;

Please watch Voltron, it's great.

I'll probably just use this widget to update on my latest interests? Yeah. I should update it more often pfffft--



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United States
Hello! I'm Bre, and I'm a digital artist! I'm not where I'd like to be in skill level yett, but I've been working very hard to improve my drawing and coloring skills. I use a mix of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop elements to color my work, but most of what I draw is first drawn with pencil and paper :) Always feel free to talk to me, I love meeting more and more awesome people here on DA ^^

I have a tumblr: (I'm trying to post more art there, I do have an art tag!)

:iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconpointsplz: Point Commissions open! :iconlaplz: :iconyellowsparklesplz:

:star: Traditional Pencil Sketch: 160 points + 80 per extra character

Don't Drop Her (sketch) by Medli45 Wynter by Medli45 72. Another All Nighter by Medli45

:star: Digitally Colored Pencil Sketch: 240 points + 160 per extra character

Little Angel Thomas by Medli45 18. Rest Now by Medli45 Say Bunnies! by Medli45

:star: Quick Messy Digital Line and Color: 540 points + 320 per extra character

We'll Be Together Again by Medli45 20. AkuSaiRokuXi Kisses (Happy Birthday?) by Medli45 Don't Cry, Yuui by Medli45

:star: Full Digital Color/ Cel Shading: 880 points +560 per extra character

Like Father Like Son by Medli45 86. We Who Flew Too Close to the Sun by Medli45 Of All the Places... by Medli45 Counting Djinn by Medli45

:heart: Character Design Sheet! (Give me a description of your character's name, age, hair color, skin, height, personality, etc. and I will design them for you! )

:star: Fullbody Sketch+2 Sketches of your/my choosing: 880 points+ 400 per additional sketch

:star: Colored Headshot+Fullbody Sketch+2 sketches of your/my choosing: 980 points+ 400 per additional sketch

HTTYD2 Human Toothless sketches by Medli45

:star: Fullbody Color+Colored Headshot+2 sketches of your/my choosing:1280 points+400 per additional sketch

Kind of like... VRA Application: Lanie Posiet by Medli45 Colossus-Atrox App: Nicola Balsimo by Medli45

This is a new addition to commission options, so those prices are tentative. If you want to negotiate price and what you want in your character's design, note me :)

I draw almost anything (almost being I don't draw mature content, yaoi or yuri) If you want a pont commission from me, feel free to note me with what you want and it what art form you prefer~ :iconlaplz:


Medli45 has started a donation pool!
560 / 1,000
Ahh, well...I'm broke =w='' Money for school/art supplies and upcoming projects would be really helpful!

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Childish by Medli45

Where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

Slowly getting the hang of drawing Bones (the rest of the crew are a major work in progress, but they would certainly be involved in these kids' shenanigans >w<) aaand I keep drawing Spock and Kirk as kids coz it's easier'''''I mean, it started as Insontis II fanart (this lovely fic here:… )but uh...I kept thinking of them both as kids instead of one or the other X'''D Truly a dynamic duo of whirling energy I'm sure~

But I also liked thinking of the more childish innocent affection they could show...Insontis was full of that wonderful fluffy stuff so it was definitely an inspiration! ESPECIALLY Captain Sunshine having super hugs X''D Also Jim being able to pick up on very subtle emotional Vulcan tells is always one of my favorite things, hence the silly little comic <3 not to mention I've been having...quite a time...and since I couldn't get a hug best thing

Sorry these are kind of messy! I...really need sleep Owo'''' I got carried away again ahahaaaa I have a problem

Namine (What I Gain I Lose) by Medli45
Namine (What I Gain I Lose)
Doing another color palette challenge on Tumblr!! (against my better judgement'''''''') 

X-I-L2048 requested Namine, and I wanted to put her in a different dress <3 Kind of turned into a bit of an emotional and...personal piece; I think the palette name kinda called for it O.o'''''' 

Still hope it's okay~
Dragon Twinnies by Medli45
Dragon Twinnies
Annnnnnd the Zippleback twins are final installment in your commission, raberbagirl ! I had a bit of trouble deciding on a pose for these two, but I decided on having them literally lean on each other during these hard times, I thought it'd be bittersweet :')

I hope you like them~!! Goin to bed now jzbdhaufewuyf
Little Stormfly by Medli45
Little Stormfly
"Posting sometime this week" apparently meant the end of the week ^^'''' Sorry about that! 

Ah well, thank you for your patience, here's a little Stormfly for you raberbagirl !! (She is also quite fierce lolol)
Looks like DA just came out with a new "Commission" extension thing, but as always I'm kiiinda suspicious of it, especially since it says it helps with Paypal payments but 1. I don't quite see that option while setting it up (just points) and 2. I'm suspicious of this site in general, especially when it comes to money'''''

Eh, I think I just shouldn't mess with it. But anyone who wants to share their experiences with the feature is very welcome to! :)
  • Listening to: Twenty One Pilots (I like most of their music wow)
  • Reading: textbooks, some fics :'D
  • Watching: Star Trek TOS and My Hero Academia (eventually)
  • Playing: Skyward Sword again
  • Eating: pancakes I burnt myself reheating ;7;
  • Drinking: Milk
Looks like DA just came out with a new "Commission" extension thing, but as always I'm kiiinda suspicious of it, especially since it says it helps with Paypal payments but 1. I don't quite see that option while setting it up (just points) and 2. I'm suspicious of this site in general, especially when it comes to money'''''

Eh, I think I just shouldn't mess with it. But anyone who wants to share their experiences with the feature is very welcome to! :)
  • Listening to: Twenty One Pilots (I like most of their music wow)
  • Reading: textbooks, some fics :'D
  • Watching: Star Trek TOS and My Hero Academia (eventually)
  • Playing: Skyward Sword again
  • Eating: pancakes I burnt myself reheating ;7;
  • Drinking: Milk

Journal History

In regards to The Legend of Zelda...which Link is your favorite? 

40 deviants said Twilight Princess Link
17 deviants said Ocarina of Time Link
12 deviants said Toon Link (Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, etc.)
9 deviants said Skyward Sword Link
6 deviants said Other (so many Links...please comment if you choose this one!)
5 deviants said Shadow Link
4 deviants said Hyrule Warriors Link
2 deviants said Hero's Shade Link (essentially, still OOT Link, but even more tragic)
2 deviants said Ravio (Link Between Worlds)
No deviants said WiiU Link (more info when???)



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raberbagirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
My sister used to use either this or this or something very similar to read her college textbooks. I have no idea how she got her books into the program, and I have no idea if it will be helpful to you, but maybe it's something to look into??
Pokefan181 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
How are you doing? I feel like I haven't heard from you in so long. ;;n;;
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
My parents are watching the debate right now, but I can't even listen to it. X'D Every time I have to pause The Jungle Book and leave my room to go get something from the kitchen or whatever, I'm like "*puts fingers in ears* La la la la la." X'''D I hate politics so, so much, and this current presidential campaign is even worse than usual.

I can't wait to see your cute things! Partially because I always love seeing your cute things, but partially because I need something to cheer me up, too. X'D
Medli45 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh geez, I didn't wanna even see that debate (I also very much dislike politics...I make a point not to reblog political stuff, tryin to keep a positive environment here :T ). ; but it was all over my dash so I kinda picked up on what was going on anyway (so much negativity...this year's election process feels like a disaster, how did it even GET this bad?? Ugh) Jungle Book is a very nice alternative though! It's the new one right? I quite enjoyed that one :"D did you like it?

<33333 your comment was wonderful, thank you soooo so much for that, it really brightened my morning :"") Those doodles have been in my sketchbook for a while and I really wanted to finish them up; it cheered me up quite a bit (even at the cost of sleep...alas...this is what hyper focusing does to me, I just HAD to finish""""") I hope those silly things cheered you up a bit too~ :iconsuperglompplz:

(Also, random: do you guys have to constantly set your library books in the correct order on the shelves like we do? Because people never put them back correctly? It's been an interesting (if somewhat...brain frying) thing, especially since they gave me this little scanner thing to better check the order and stuff XD I was wondering if that was just us?)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. X'D It seems like politics automatically makes things ugly. :/
"how did it even GET this bad" I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! How did this happen?!?!

Yup! My hold finally came in~
I only got to watch the beginning of The Jungle Book last night, but I like it so far! Way better than the other live action remakes.

I've gotten a lot better about commenting on your art. 8D I used to procrastinate a lot more, and I still do with fanfiction, but I finally found my groove with leaving comments on artwork. ^^

What hyper-focusing does for you, OCD does for me ("open doors," like unfinished projects, bug me. X'D I try not to start drawing at night anymore, because I know the OCD's not going to let me stop until I've at least finished the sketch and linart...). So yeah, I get it. X'D And the way real life keeps GETTING IN THE WAY. I can't put off my creativity until the weekends! D:

Yeah, it's called shelf-reading; I'm pretty sure all libraries do it. Patrons re-shelve books incorrectly ALL THE TIME (it's probably a lot worse for us, since we're a ghetto public library instead of a college library with higher class patrons). It drives me crazy when I see people, especially kids, just shoving books back in willy-nilly, and the kids are especially bad about sticking them in backwards. *sweatdrop* They're also the worst about randomly re-shelving books even if they belong in an entirely different section. It's so much better when they don't re-shelve stuff and just leave what they don't want in a pile for me to pick up, but they think they're being helpful instead of making it worse. *sweatdrop*

Theoretically, aides like me are supposed to do an hour of shelf-reading every week, but because of my jerk co-worker, I'm the only one who does it. (The others will fix shelving errors they happen to come across, but I'm the only one who does proper shelf-reading on a regular basis.)

Dude, I wish we had a scanner!! That seems like that would make it easier. I have to start from whatever I left off and manually check every single spine label to make sure they're all in order.
I kind of hate shelf-reading, but it's necessary because if it gets neglected for too long, it becomes harder to shelve because the books get SO FREAKING OUT OF ORDER. *sweatdrop*
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I kept waiting for you to post baby Spock on DA, but you didn't, so I guess here we go. XD

He's so cuuuuuute, I love his expression, like he's young and small and uncertain but is soaking in information and analyzing it, as a way of getting a grasp on things.
And of course he looks adorable in that big warm sweater! <3
Bones is probably squeeing a little on the inside, no matter what he is or isn't showing on his face. XD

And as for you as a Homestuck troll(??), so cute and cool! :D
You look just like your personality, so happy and curious. ^^ I like the cute hair clip and earring(s?), and the shirt, hah. XD Nice visual translation!
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Psst, my library has all the Star Trek movies (I actually started putting them all on hold!)...I bet your public library does, too...!
Medli45 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaaaaaa good point!! Problem with getting stuff from the library is I have to bug someone to drive there for pickup '''' (or leave me there for a while to browse the manga section X''D) I wish I could drive there''''' I wonder if I could get my school library to transfer them there so I can pick them up when I go to school? It's funny, when I saw this message initially I was looking through my dad's DVDs in my search for "The Search for Spock" (and giggling at the was late X'D) so it was good to see this when I couldn't find it ;7;

(You're gonna watch them all too omggg I'm sorry X'''''D)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh...yeah, that is a problem. ^^; My library does have a service for homebound patrons, but I'm pretty sure you have to prove that you're severely disabled enough that you physically can't get to the library.
I doubt the public library would send books to your school library.... :(
Is there someone you trust whom you could lend your card to so they could do your library business for you? (My dad lets me carry his card around in my wallet so that I can check out his holds and return them whenever I go to work. He himself never has to go to the library anymore except for once a year to renew his card. XD)

How come you're still not allowed to drive (other than the gas shortage)?

(Searching for The Search for Spock, LOL!)

...OCD, man. X'D
But I remember liking the whale movie all right, and I'm curious to see how the original Khan movie compares to STID. And I'm really eager to rewatch the reboot movies now.

OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUUUCH! 8D 8D :supertighthug:
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer…
(I keep having to use photographs for hand refs, which DON'T WORK WELL AT ALL because I'm trying to draw manga style, not photorealistic style; and I still haven't had time to go searching for manga hand refs. So thank yooouuu! :huggle: *too late for the pic I'm coloring atm, but I'm sure it will be super-useful in the future!*)

Lol...I have seen the ST whales was pretty much the only Star Trek I'd seen before your Tumblr prompted me to start methodically watching TOS. XD…
Me. X'D Except I have been fairly good about getting things done lately, it's just...not enough.... *sob* Drop in the bucket when compared with ALL THE THINGS THAT DIDN'T GET DONE. :(
I hope you're faring better than I am...!
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