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Thank you so much

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Art done for me, whether it be gifts, trades, or commissions, I love them and I'm super grateful for all of them :iconyuihugplz:


Latest on Medli's Obsessions

I seem to have been sucked into a cartoon phase...oops.
Especially Gravity Falls...never expected it to be so cute! ...and wierd...both really X'D After finishing's now my favorite show (next to Avatar the Last Airbender of course!) Enjoy the crazy amount of gifs!!


I've also watched and loved: Steven Universe~

Update on this: PERIDOT!!!!! PERIDOT!!!!!!!!!

Also Lapis has been amazing!! This show keeps getting better ;w;

Homestuck?? After many years, I finally tried it out and fell for it and it's characters ;w;

(source:… ) latest anime...ack I still haven't finished My Love Story!! and it's sad ;w; I need to finish...lots of shows...this is a new favorite though:

My friend kept pestering me to watch this, and I can see why! It's really interesting and an awesome super hero anime! I wish I coul find gifs that better translate the story but it's still a fairly new series so this will have to do for now ;w;

Now the new Voltron reboot was absolutely amazing!! It's pretty short, but I hope lots of people give it a try so it's more likely we get another season ;7;

Please watch Voltron, it's great.

I'll probably just use this widget to update on my latest interests? Yeah. I should update it more often pfffft--



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United States
Hello! I'm Bre, and I'm a digital artist! I'm not where I'd like to be in skill level yett, but I've been working very hard to improve my drawing and coloring skills. I use a mix of Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop elements to color my work, but most of what I draw is first drawn with pencil and paper :) Always feel free to talk to me, I love meeting more and more awesome people here on DA ^^

I have a tumblr: (I'm trying to post more art there, I do have an art tag!)

:iconyellowsparklesplz: :iconpointsplz: Point Commissions open! :iconlaplz: :iconyellowsparklesplz:

:star: Traditional Pencil Sketch: 160 points + 80 per extra character

Don't Drop Her (sketch) by Medli45 Wynter by Medli45 72. Another All Nighter by Medli45

:star: Digitally Colored Pencil Sketch: 240 points + 160 per extra character

Little Angel Thomas by Medli45 18. Rest Now by Medli45 Say Bunnies! by Medli45

:star: Quick Messy Digital Line and Color: 540 points + 320 per extra character

We'll Be Together Again by Medli45 20. AkuSaiRokuXi Kisses (Happy Birthday?) by Medli45 Don't Cry, Yuui by Medli45

:star: Full Digital Color/ Cel Shading: 880 points +560 per extra character

Like Father Like Son by Medli45 86. We Who Flew Too Close to the Sun by Medli45 Of All the Places... by Medli45 Counting Djinn by Medli45

:heart: Character Design Sheet! (Give me a description of your character's name, age, hair color, skin, height, personality, etc. and I will design them for you! )

:star: Fullbody Sketch+2 Sketches of your/my choosing: 880 points+ 400 per additional sketch

:star: Colored Headshot+Fullbody Sketch+2 sketches of your/my choosing: 980 points+ 400 per additional sketch

HTTYD2 Human Toothless sketches by Medli45

:star: Fullbody Color+Colored Headshot+2 sketches of your/my choosing:1280 points+400 per additional sketch

Kind of like... VRA Application: Lanie Posiet by Medli45 Colossus-Atrox App: Nicola Balsimo by Medli45

This is a new addition to commission options, so those prices are tentative. If you want to negotiate price and what you want in your character's design, note me :)

I draw almost anything (almost being I don't draw mature content, yaoi or yuri) If you want a pont commission from me, feel free to note me with what you want and it what art form you prefer~ :iconlaplz:


Medli45 has started a donation pool!
560 / 1,000
Ahh, well...I'm broke =w='' Money for school/art supplies and upcoming projects would be really helpful!

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Voltron Tribbles by Medli45
Voltron Tribbles

…y’all who are following me on knew this was coming OTL

Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles (the first TOS episode I watched, aheh)! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D Except like...only half (probably goes full Galra when riled up) but I thought the theory would fit very nicely into this AU~ (Now let Shiro have Tribble therapy...!)

As for the crossover portion (the last pic): Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??

hhh I thought way too much about who would get what color...! Like, I'm fairly new to the Original Series (I'm familiar with the reboot movies; it's the latest movie that FINALLY got me to crack and watch the original show X''D It's fun~) but I think I have a general idea of what the different uniform colors mean? Here we go:

Allura is the Captain; most people go with Shiro but I really would like her to be the captain in this case, since she is kinda like...the top leader in VLD? She guides her paladins, so I think that'd translate pretty well to being captain ;w; 

Coran is her First Officer; over the science department but he's extremely skilled in all fields and helps wherever he can!

Pidge is also Science! BUt you can spot her in the engineering department with Hunk from time to time, especially if robots are involved :P

Hunk is over Engineering and is the most stressed person on this ship X'''D

Keith is over Security I think; he's pretty good at Engineering too though (he had to have made modifications on that bike of his in VLD)

Shiro is over Navigation; very trustworthy, very good at his job~

Lance is...the pilot...he is the main cause of everyone's Hunk's stress. He's reckless but he's also a quick learner, and he's been improving in leaps and bounds Owo'''' (Out of every VLD/Star Trek crossover I've seen so far, Lance has been in a different color every time! I like this, coz i really think he is a fast learner and would probably adapt to whatever field he's thrown into~)

I think Piloting and Navigation is interchangeable?? Most people prefer Shiro as the pilot, if that's the case ''''' (yellow is the one I've been struggling the most to figure out, but my ST knowledge is already pretty shaky, so forgive me if I've messed up, I REALLY didn't want to think too hard about this but it just...happens....urgh''''' don't expect much more from this AU lol)

WOOOOO I'm done with Voltron Week! Er, late, but I did it!! I'll be getting to some messages tomorrow finally X''D But for now I must sleep Owo''''

Shopping by Medli45

Voltron Week day 5: Favorite relationships (Platonic and/or Romantic

Honestly I platonically ship everyone with everyone and I WAS going to draw something showing that but…it was really complicated and I’m very tired ;w; some other time then…!

I saw a dad and his daughter sleeping on him just like this at the mall the other day so…ta-dah? I adore Pidge and Shiro’s “little sister big brother” relationship tho (or outright Space Dad, both make my day brighter :’’D) so I settled for that today uwu Out for a day of shopping! They were trying to get new clothes, but…Gamestop :P 

(I made so many happy mistakes with this piece it’s not even funny…okay it’s pretty funny to me X’’’D)

Hhhhhhh I'm going to work with like, 3 hours of sleep...wish me luck

Dancing with the Princess by Medli45
Dancing with the Princess


Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! (I changed the initial story a bit to match the theme, thanks for the tips Berba >w< )

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

There is no shipping intended with this, by the way; it's been tagged with Shallura okay I think, for me. It's not what I intended but it's like...the one Voltron pairing I MIGHT be okay with so *shrugs* Now as for the few rare cases of pairing Allura with Coran...seriously guys. Seriously. No.

Yaaaaaay I'm done!! I had very ambitious ideas for the next days but I might have to tone them down for lateness and my sanity ;w; Stay tuned for those!

Home is Where You Go When You're Alone by Medli45
Home is Where You Go When You're Alone

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you’re alone
Is where you go to rest your bones
It’s not just where you lay your head
It’s not just where you make your bed
As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?

Voltron Week Day 3: Home/Family

I like the idea of Keith growing up in a culture based on war and hate (he was an orphan right??), eventually coming to find love and safety with team Voltron. They essentially adopt him and they become this big warm family that he's never had before and he struggles to understand them for the longest time <3 (Didn't expect Galra!Keith to worm his way into one of my days tho oopssss)

Not sure how timely I'll be on the next few days (posting this already coz I have work eeeearly early in the morning and then all day'''''') but I'll try! But for now goodnight!!

Lions by Medli45

Voltron Week Day 2: Lions/Voltron

I was going to draw the actual Voltron Lions, but drawing lion versions of the paladins seemed much more fun :’D

Most of the paladins are still cubs here so their manes haven't grown in yet!



Hhhhh I'm not gonna link it coz it IS a leak; if the official trailer comes out then I will post it but for now I will not ;A; (If you really wanna see the leak tho shoot me a note!)
  • Listening to: Various Homestuck albums
  • Reading: uh...Mistborn I think
  • Watching: Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Voltron AGAIN
  • Playing: Twilight Princess HD
  • Eating: gummy worms (possibly Subway later?)
  • Drinking: Peach soda?

Journal History

In regards to The Legend of Zelda...which Link is your favorite? 

40 deviants said Twilight Princess Link
17 deviants said Ocarina of Time Link
12 deviants said Toon Link (Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks, etc.)
9 deviants said Skyward Sword Link
6 deviants said Other (so many Links...please comment if you choose this one!)
5 deviants said Shadow Link
4 deviants said Hyrule Warriors Link
2 deviants said Hero's Shade Link (essentially, still OOT Link, but even more tragic)
2 deviants said Ravio (Link Between Worlds)
No deviants said WiiU Link (more info when???)



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raberbagirl Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Ooohh, you get to do Shrek?! :D
I took a film class in college, too, and we watched movies in class every day, but they were all super old black and white animation for us. X'D
But anyway, it's really great whenever you get to take a fun class like that! And I'm glad your other classes turn out to be much more promising than the web animation one. :)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, your kitty Keith blep was cute. ^^
Good mix of characteristics from his human and Galra DNA!
I definitely know what you mean about making cute fanwork to de-stress after an awful day. X'D
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I...want to offer my help with webmastering, because I like making Web pages and I love HTML and I took a webmastering class in high school, but...I don't know anything about web animation (my Flash project in that high school class was pretty lame), so I doubt I'll be any actual help. ^^;; You have my sympathies, though; I know what it's like to be disappointed by a class you'd signed up for! D: It's not a class you can drop, is it?

I also know what it's like to be in classes run by teachers who had no idea what they were doing. ^^; (One of them was webmastering, LOL. I still enjoyed the class, I just didn't learn anything from the teacher; we learned it all from workbooks and computer tutorials.)
Medli45 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaaa thank you ;A; :iconyuihugplz: Ah man that's cool! If I run into a rut I may start asking you then~ I'm also super duper lucky that my dad does computer stuff like this (fixing computer problems for others) for a living so it's like an at home tutor! But UGH, I took an HTML class last year!! Same teacher!! I did fine, since it was online mostly and I just...followed the book. Teacher did nothing...he was there for asking questions but ??? He also graded all my work (which I turned in ON TIME thank you very much) at the very last minute, so I had no idea how I did until it was too late DX And I had him for ANOTHER class last year which gave me so much grief so I just...I don't want to have him again, nooooo ;;A;; 

I don't know anything about web animation either!! *jazz hands* I was hoping he'd us an example and we'd have to figure out how to code the same thing right? But noooo, right up front, do your own thing kids coz I don't have lessons :P jjisigfhuige sorry I'm kinda bitter X'''D And no I can't drop it, I would have already!! Everyone in class is like "oh I suck at drawing, so I'm glad it's just programming!! :)))" and then there'*weeps* Hhhhhh I just...I already hate this class, and I reeeallly try to keep an open mind about this stuff but...the TEACHER. He's already let me down so many times, so that just automatically starts on the wrong foot y'know?? 
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Lol, if I'd known you already took an HTML class, I would have just told you for the embedded links on DA, "I just make the hyperlinks with HTML tags." XD

But anyway, that's really cool that your dad is good with computers; hopefully he can help. :)

That's really frustrating! D: I don't know what's worse, a bad teacher or an irresponsible one.... :/
A possible silver lining might be that since he doesn't take the class seriously, he might cut you a lot of slack on grading?

Is web animation anything like MMD??? Because if it is, you might be able to ask some MMD artists for tips. Although I doubt your college class would use the same program, there are still probably a lot of similarities in the process.
Medli45 Featured By Owner 16 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah I'm still glad you took the time to explain that to me, as you know, my memory is terrible and I had a terrible experience in HTML class so many of those small details quickly slipped my mind O.o I would have had to dig up the textbook if you told me that instead, so really, thank you ;;7;; My brain is not made for coding lemme tell you, I'm SO BAD at keeping details like that in my head, it's horrible OTL

My dad is a life saver and probably the only reason I passed my programming class during the first semester TAT I was so swamped that semester (retail job, on campus internship, SCHOOL, ughhh) this one time I left an assignment open on accident when leaving for work, and I come back and he'd finished it for me...he came by later to explain how he did it and I just...what would I do without him, omg, he's helped so much already, I feel bad having to bug him about it more this semester ;A;

I dunno coz this guy is bad AND irresponsible DX Dang I hope so, but if it's anything like the last class I had with him...I'll be doing alot of late work I think =A='''' ( seems to be the ONLY terrible class so far?? So yay for that???)

I don't knooooow, he says it's a combo of HTML, CSS, and Javascript coding, but...he did not explain well...I'm so dang lost and I'm scared I missed something jdfuihewouhwhbhfhuew R.I.P. me
(2 Replies)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer

OH! I didn't realize it until I saw the tags on your Tumblr post, but most of your "dancing with Allura" drawings don't have any shading! No wonder!
I love it. X3
It also kind of gives me hope.... I have no freaking clue how to shade, so it's good to know that if/when I can ever get my drawing under control, the coloring part won't be a problem (I hope) and I'll still be happy with the end result.
I really like how they look when all the colors are unmodulated (I don't know if it's the OCD or just a personal quirk...), and you're right that it's easier to see all the details!

Ambika sketches~! 8D I love that first one of her standing guard over sick Shiro! It kind of reminds me of that screenshot from Beauty and the Beast where Beast is poised over Belle, about to attack the wolves that are threatening her.

And all the cuddles are sweet and adorable. :3
So is "Little Champion," aaahhh, so cute! 8D Kind of like, "No matter how old/big/strong you get, you'll always be my baby." ^^ <3
Medli45 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(GOODNESS you don't have to make it all the way through that mess omg X''''D I reblog way too much stuff when I'm not at work'''''' which is...alot now since I'm done with my job now :P)

Yeah! I had to restrain myself; shading is the most fun part for me! But I felt it would look better without in this case, and it turns out I was right! Problem is I had to be REALLY meticulous with coloring since I couldn't cover anything up with shading, so it took a reeeeeaaally long time and I was so frustrated DX So in the end, I didn't have the energy for shading anyway >w<'''' I'm glad you like it though...!!
Oh that's cool I'm glad!! I do hope you get more comfortable with shading eventually though, it is hard to figure out but rewarding when you do :') But flats work just as well, if you get the colors to compliment each other! I put some overlay layers on each dancing pic to tint the colors with each Voltron color (Pidge's with light green, Shiro's with light purple, etc. etc.) and it helped add a bit of harmony I think, but that's one way to do it! It's up to you~ Good luck with drawing btw, art is hard ;w; (unmodulated?)

Awww thank you!! :iconglompplz: (I was kinda going for injured in the gladiator ring but standing over a sick Shiro might work too coz like, what if they tried to send him out to fight while he was in that state? Ambika would fight tooth and nail to keep that from happening, no one shall take her hatchling :T ) HEEEE yeah actually that's exactly the picture I referenced, nice job X'''D Creatures like Ambika are hard for me to draw, so BatB screenshots are usually what I go to to get a better feel for her ;w; 

I like to think the one where she's nuzzling his face is maybe when they hopefully reunite by freak accident? When VOltron is already a thing and they're rescuing some prisoners, and they didn't find Pidge's brother or dad again but they found Shiro's MOM X''D Like I've considered her dying too but this is the happy alternative =w='''' Aaaaa yes that's exactly what I was going for with her name for him (I always love when big aliens/dragons/creatures are like, so gentle and call their precious humans certain special names like "Little One" or something, aaa it's so cute) oooh and what if it's only in her language that she calls him this, so when Allura picks up on it later she smiles so much and finally translates for him :') (jsnjasfubhbewb sorry for the ramble)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
(But then I might miss something! XD Good thing your Tumblr is the only one I follow.... X'D)

......I get the feeling...that I was coloring some of my old pictures completely wrong.... *scratches head* Didn't you send me a tutorial on that, though (a reeeaallly long time ago)? Or was it about layers??

For me, it's like the difference between playing the violin and the piano.... I love listening to both kinds of music, but I hated playing the violin because even if it was perfectly in tune, I could never be sure whether I was actually hitting the note correctly or not. But with a tuned piano, there's no way to get the note wrong!
That's how I feel about coloring.... Trying to shade is like, "But...buuuuttttt, how do I know I got it right, where is the line of demarcation...?!" It's easier on my brain for everything within the boundaries to be the same shade. ^^;;;
I thought before that I might change my mind if I ever do figure out how to shade, which was why it was interesting to me to realize that I do like how unshaded pictures look even if I'm not the one who colored it; it's apparently not just limited to my own art.

But that...overlay layers thing (I barely understand what you're talking about X'''''''''''''D) sounds like a good compromise, I might try that...if/when I ever reach that level....
Oh, "flat" is the word? XD I was pretty sure there was a better word for what I wanted to say, but I didn't know what it was. X'D

I was thinking of drawing at least one hand a day, as practice. Like looking for random photographs or screenshots and drawing the first hand I see. I have yet to start, though; still distracted by other things on my To Do List. ^^;

Oh! Injured in the ring, then. But yeah, the other scenario is cool, too! ("YOU IDIOTS EXPECT HIM TO FIGHT LIKE THIS?!?! *MAMA BEAR MODE*")

They reunite?! 8D Yaaaayyyy!
And SO CUTE about Allura translating Ambika's pet name for him. ^^ :heart: (...If I ever get around to writing that fic...what would the word be in her language...?)
raberbagirl Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you got laid off! D:

It's sad that you won't have that source of income anymore, but it is nice that you won't have to stress out about work on top of school....
If you look for another job, though, I hope you get it!
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